About Us

The International Brotherhood of Electrical workers Local 456, was chartered on January 25, 1915. Since January 1, 2000, Local 456 jurisdiction was expanded to include all of Middlesex County and a part of Somerset County under the Inside Wireman agreement and the Outside Commercial Agreement. 

Local 456 also has jurisdiction of outside utility contractors performing work on the property of Public Service Electric & Gas of New Jersey, Jersey Central Power & Light (GPU), Orange and Rockland Utilities inn New Jersey, and Railroads. Jurisdiction of substation work, in New Jersey, is under the inside locals commercial agreements.

Local 456 works very closely with the Northern New Jersey chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and the Northeast Line Contractors to provide the highest train and competent workforce available. Our contractors know that when they call on Local 456 for manpower the job will be done right, safe and on time.

With the direction of our Joint Apprenticeship and Training department our members are ready to meet all the needs of the customer.  We continuously offer training to our journeymen and journeywomen to stay ahead of the demands of the electrical construction trade. We also have an intense five-year apprenticeship program that through state of the art training produces the finest electricians, communication workers and lineman in the field.

If you need a reliable and competent electrical contractor or if you are an electrical contractor who needs reliable manpower then IBEW Local 456 is ready to assist.