Storm Response

Storm Response Contractors

IBEW Utility contractors that are either dispatched or placed on stand-by for PSE&G, JCP&L (GPU), or Orange Rockland Utilities in New Jersey, must submit rosters to Local 456 by the next business day. Rosters must include, Name of Contractor, Power Company, Members Name, Local, Classification, IBEW Card number, and Social Security number (may be just last four digits).

When storm work is completed all benefit money is to be paid to Local 456, which is preferred, and all money will be reciprocated to member’s home locals. Or, the contractor may pay benefit money to the member’s home local except for Local Union Assessments, Northeast Apprenticeship Training, and the New Jersey Safety Fund. These are required to be paid to local 456 along with a report showing all benefit money that was forwarded to the member’s home local.

We have posted a copy of the National Outside Construction Emergency Response Agreement and a copy of Local 456 storm language. Any questions, you may contact the union hall during normal business hours.

Click Here for IBEW Local 456 National Storm Agreement.

Click Here for IBEW Local 456 Utility Wage Sheet.

If you are in need of manpower please contact Business Agent, Wayne Martiak at 908-415-8594